10 LinkedIn Tips for 2011 Job Seekers

Baby, it’s cold outside here in the northeast! That means it’s the perfect opportunity for a LinkedIn lesson – YAY!!!! Grab a cup of something steamy and satisfying (I won’t tell if it’s a glass of something fermented and chilled) and log into your LinkedIn account for the virtual professional networking ride of your life…
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10 LinkedIn Tips for 2011 Job Seekers

Enjoy 10 LinkedIn tips from my “LinkedIn
for Job Seek­ers” pre­sen­ta­tion with a nice steamy cup of your
favorite hot win­ter­time beverage…

Dust off your
LinkedIn pro­file, ensure it is updated and get famil­iar with new
fea­tures that were added over the past year. Read the LinkedIn blog for all the skinny.

Join 50 groups (50
is the limit and they are free and all con­tain a job board) accord­ing
to indus­try, loca­tion, Alma mater, etc. and intro­duce your­self
through a post on the dis­cus­sion board with a mini bio and men­tion
you are a job seeker.

Search the
Ques­tions & Answers fea­ture for ques­tions you have exper­tise in
and can answer and ask ques­tions of peers — great way to get your
name vis­i­ble and dia­log with peo­ple you would likely oth­er­wise not
have the oppor­tu­nity to.

Export your
con­tacts and send an email to them monthly, the first time with a
re-introduction and monthly with an update on your job search. Be sure
to bcc every­one so you don’t dis­close their email addresses.

Learn how doing your
job search via LinkedIn jobs shows you who you are con­nected to at
the com­pa­nies you are inter­ested in that have jobs posted. This
allows you to apply through the front door and net­work through the
back door.

Fol­low com­pa­nies
you are inter­ested in employ­ment with by doing a com­pany search and
click­ing the fol­low but­ton. See who works there and get busy mak­ing

If you have a pro­fes­sional blog link it to your account to intro­duce it to visitors.

Don’t link your Twit­ter account to LinkedIn if you tweet ran­dom things — it’s truly annoy­ing to every­one but you. Use select tweets. Actu­ally, please use select tweets with Face­book too.

Do a strate­gic con­tact search, pick up the phone and start calling!

Real­ize that every
time you make a pro­file enhance­ment or post an inter­est­ing sta­tus
update you show up in the time line of all you con­nec­tions — stay in
their face, in a pro­fes­sional way — of course.

There is a lot I haven’t cov­ered, what’s your hot LinkedIn tip?

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