10 Guru Tips for Social Media: Leveling with the Pros

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What is the one thing we share with the CEO of Amazon (other than our money)? How about the marketing mastermind, Seth Godin, or the celebrated author, Malcolm Gladwell? The answer is quite simple.

We all started at the bottom.

Whether it’s business, technology, homebrewing, or even gardening, we all have to plant our seeds and work diligently to grow them into something that flourishes.

It’s 2013 and social media has nestled into the soil of our garden – in fact, it may be the very roots giving life to our business. Consider the following table by ESCP Europe Marketing Professor, Andreas Kaplan, describing six main types of social media:

social media table

via ScienceDirect: http://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S0007681309001232

Kaplan notes how there are respective opportunities and disadvantages for each social media type. There are intricacies such as choosing and planning the most appropriate type and how to function effectively as a social star.

Learning from mentors and industry peers, studying and analyzing experiences, and actually doing it allow us to capitalize on these social media types and flourish as professionals.

Plus, social media is fun.

The following are 10 brilliant minds and masters of destiny, offering advice in 10 different realms of communication, applicable to social media and life.

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Alex Bogusky

One of the most influential advertising minds, Alex Bogusky is known as the “Steve Jobs of the advertising world.” Bogusky is more recently known for his dramatic shift from advertising for the biggest brands in the world (Coca-Cola and Microsoft) to strictly brands that make things in the U.S., through the MadeMovement.  He has also donated over $100,000 to push to label genetically altered food. His most recent venture is called the Million Jobs Project.

alex bogusky quote

What does it all mean?

Be true to yourself, your product, and your message. Bogusky realized the importance of transparency and getting behind something you naturally believe in. When it comes to social media, your content’s message demonstrates your organizations values. It’s about prioritizing quality and an honest message over quantity and exaggeration. A custom trade show booth might yield the highest ROI for a product because it’s present at a live event with a hyper targeted audience and face-to-face social interactions, while an email marketing campaign might get completed filtered into a spam folder. A social community like a custom forum might be pulling the highest leads and conversions, so don’t waste your social media managers time having them create dozens of memes a day just because it’s working for Oreo.

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Jeff Bezos

As the CEO of Amazon, it took him 6 years to turn the company’s first profit. Bezos proved how an unconventional, slow-growth business model can dominate on a global scale. Through his experience, Bezos has tirelessly focused on making the Amazon customer experience exemplary.

 jeff bezos quote

What does it all mean?

People are the keys to communication and budding as a company or entrepreneur. Building a healthy relationship with customers and users will generate talk and establish faith in your product. The bottom line: show respect and dedication to your customer base. Placing the largest emphasis on people will help you succeed in life. When you care about another, it’ll show that you care about what you are sharing with others.

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Tim Cook

Known for his current position as CEO at Apple, he has stood his ground on the beliefs when it comes to his products.

tim cook quote

What does it all mean?

In this short phrase, Cook stresses on the whole idea that quality should always be over quantity. You can reach a bigger audience by devoting time in the construction and research of a sound product. Whether it’s writing or advertising, people should know that you have put your blood, sweat, and tears into giving the most to their customers. By having a quality final product, you will have the most confidence in sharing what you are passionate about.

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 Steven Ballmer

Microsoft’s CEO means business when speaking about his successful company.

steven ballmer quote

What does it all mean?

Simply put, you want to be accessible to your audience. You want to create something that people can relate to and feel that they know and understand your content on a personal basis. Just like a wood sewing cabinet is built for accessibility in nature, the type of content we create – whether it’s a meme or infographic – should be just as accessible in nature. Sharing or embedding content should be as easy as opening a drawer. Having a strong connection can really influence how well you are received in social media and in life.

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Malcolm Gladwell

Author of The Tipping Point, this writer from The New Yorker has a strong belief people that influence can eventually persuade something to become successful. Basically, his belief is that finding the right PR voice can make a trend skyrocket into popularity.

malcolm gladwell quote

What does it all mean?

It’s not always easy to be the first one to create something. Today, it’s very hard to accomplish that and find something that is completely unique. Instead of reinventing the wheel, it’s important to see an opportunity in something that already exists and make it better. This doesn’t mean plagiarizing someone else’s creation; it means taking an idea and making it your own. Now, I have my own views about Malcom Gladwell’s stance on social media activism, but his insights on persuasion, influence, and social media remain tried and true to me.

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Seth Godin

The ever-popular author and blogger with over 14 books in at least 30 different languages, talks about marketing leadership and living up to his tagline, “go-make something happen.” He is also known to having the most popular solo blog and has created countless companies.

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What does it all mean?

Any challenge you are faced with in life, take it as a window of opportunity to become even greater. Do not fear change and quit what you’ve been striving to do. Make the changes good and use positive thinking to better yourself. Be inspired and extraordinary. Be a catalyst.

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Shawn Achor

Well-known teacher and speaker from Harvard University, he runs a lecture class called Positive Psychology. He has conducted research on the connection between success and happiness. Also famous for his TED talks, he has founded GoodThinkInc to share his successful research.

shawn achor quote

What does it all mean?

Become the rock and foundation in times of trouble and challenge. As a leader, it is your duty to help others overcome and persevere. Be there when people need you the most and be honest, authoritative, and approachable. It’s easy to lead when you are winning. Take the challenge and be the glue that keeps people together and positive.

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Naomi Klein

Her name is controversial in the business world, but she presents herself to other companies as dedicated and well-researched. As the author of No Logo, and her conversations about branding, she has really ruffled the feathers of major companies, but presents some unique advice for all of us to consider.

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What does it all mean?

Reach out to others. Find something that moves inspiration and change. Make people feel to build trust and good healthy relationships whether in our business or personal lives. Remain optimistic and encourage others on a daily basis. Be the voice that people turn to in times of struggle or self-discovery.

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Eric Schmidt

Representing Google as their CEO, he has led the company into receiving awards for the “Most Influential Brand in the United States” in 2013. His work with his team has become a global enterprise that influences the livelihood of users all around the world.

Eric schmidt quote

What does it all mean?

Do not approach failure as a time to quit and give up what you’ve worked so hard to accomplish. See failure as an opportunity to evaluate how to improve. Take your failings with a grain of salt and move on. It’s important to be human, because humans make mistakes. This will help you see yourself as a potential success story, and also a chance for others to gain respect for your efforts.

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Mike Duke

He strives to keep worldwide presence as the CEO of Walmart. Known for its success at keeping good customer faith and respect, his company is not only accessible but also always reflecting on how to improve.

mike duke quote

What does it all mean?

No matter your career path or current position, reflection is the key to self-improvement. To be somewhat of a critic can only make you and your company stronger. As a result of failures or attempts, turn them positively, and make them opportunities. See experiments and short-comings as stepping stones to the larger pond of success.

So what are your favorite quotes? Share your personal favorites in the comments!

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