10 Famous Coffee Shop Logo

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What are the elements of a coffee shop logo design that distinguishes one from the other? These elements include color, font selection and theme. A logo design mainly depends upon the nature of business and target audience that you wish to cater to.

You will notice most of the coffee shop logos are simple and consisting of the elements that best describe thier business such as coffe cup, brown color etc.So I have placed the top ten coffee companies logo designs with a short review of them to let you know how much the above statement is true.

1369 Coffee House:

1369 Cofee House Logo

1369 Coffee House was established in 1993, located in 1369 Cambridge Street, at Cambridge Inman Square. The name of the 1369 Coffee House is named after the number of the street that is 1369.The logo of Coffee House is a simple iconic logo consisting of a hot coffee cup defining the nature of the business and the text “1369 Coffee House”.

Perks Coffee:

Perks Logo

Established in 1989, Perks coffee is situated in a central location in Halifax’s downtown core. The logo of perks coffee is an iconic logo with stars around the stylish text “Perks” next to a cup of coffee. The unique aspect of this logo is the “S” of the “Perks” germinating from the hot cup of coffee as smoke.

Tully’s Coffee:

Tullys Coffee Logo

Tully’s coffee is a coffee retailer and wholesaler located in Seattle, Washington, U.S. It was established in 1992 by Tully in Kent, Washington. The logo does not have an image of a coffee cup, rather it depicts the name of the owner Tully in a thick black lined oval having green and orange stripes.

Blue Spoon Coffee Co:

Blue Spoon Coffee Logo

BlueSpoon Coffee Co. was established in 2005. It is considered to be the best drip and espresso in New York City. Blue Spoon logo consists of a blue spoon below the text “BlueSpoon” and “Coffee Co.” written in the end to indicate that it is a coffee shop.

Coffee Beanery:

Coffee Beanery Logo

Coffee Beanery started its operations in United States, in 1976.The great Michigan based chain has over hundreds of shops in U.S. and twenty internationally. It is also considered to be the industry leader. Coffee beanery’s logo consists of a cup in black colored oval between its slogan “coffee people who care” and the name of the coffee shop.

Mocha Cofee House:

Mocha Cofee House Logo

Mocha located in Connecticut, U.S, specializes in drinks. The word “Mocha” is described as a coffee bean with chocolaty taste. The logo of Mocha Coffee house is simple iconic consisting of the text “Mocha Coffee house” with a cup of hot coffee next to the text.

Freshy’s Coffee:

Freshys Coffee Logo

Freshy’s was established by Amber in September 2005 in California; reason behind this name is that they always deliver fresh coffee and fresh food. Logo of Freshy’s Coffee consists of orange texted “Freshy’s” with a glass. The happy face on the glass is highlighting how a person feels after having Freshy’s coffee.

Zoka Coffee Roaster and Tea Company:

Coffee Zoka Logo

Zoka Coffee Roaster and Tea Company was established in 1996 by Alumni Jeff Babcock. Situated in Wallingford District, Zoka has become the hub of community and activities. Logo of Zoka Coffee Roaster & Tea Company is a text based logo highlighting the word “ZOKA” in style while having the complete name “ZOKA COFFEE ROASTER & TEA COMPANY” underneath it.

Gloria Jean’s Coffees:

Gloria Jeans Coffee Logo

Gloria Jean’s Coffees was established in 1979, in Chicago, U.S.A. by Gloria Jean Kvetko. It is one of the top coffee brands having more than 30 franchises worldwide. Logo of Gloria Jean’s Coffees is an iconic one having a simple brown hot coffee cup with the text “Gloria Jean’s Coffee” written in style underneath.

It’s a Grind Coffee House:

Its a Grind Coffee House Logo

It’s a Grind Coffee House was founded by Marty Cox and Louise Montgomery in 1994. It is located in Irvine, Canada. It features a blue and jazz motif, an eclectic blend of music and a large comfortable seating arrangement. The logo of “It’s A Grind Coffee House “consists of a cup of coffee placed between “It’s A” and “Grind” with different shapes of buildings germinating from the smoke of the coffee encircled in thin yellow lining.

Hence, most of the above best coffee logos have two things in common; simplicity and a cup of coffee. A cup of coffee is the best way to define the nature of the coffee houses. Thus while designing a coffee shop logo, one must incorporate the basic elements that depict the nature of the company along with what sets it apart from others.



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