10 Calming Songs to Help You Sleep

sleeping dogWe all have those long work days where all we want to do is dive onto our beds and fall into a deep, everlasting sleep…

Until reality kicks in and we have to take care of bills, chores, family, food, and for many of us, even more work!

By the time everyone else is asleep, we’ve just finished what is know as ‘yet another day in the life’. But we’re still restless.

We get into bed but can’t stop thinking about the million+ things we haven’t finished. So we stay awake.

That’s where calming music, sounds, and songs to sleep to come to our rescue.

Whether it’s a smooth progression of ambient waves, the soft crackle of a camp fire, or the mellow hum of soft jazz, these 10 calming songs will put your mind at ease when you really want to go to sleep. Now, these songs aren’t disease-healing or relaxing like a luxury rehab center, but they are sure enough songs to sleep to.

The first two listings are collections/albums of calming songs for those who’d prefer to just have one-stop sleep shop, while the other 8 are individual handpicked songs.

1. Sleep Music Delta Waves: Relaxing Music to Help you Sleep, Deep Sleep, Inner Peace

45 minutes of calming bliss – what more could you ask for?

Sitting at 8 million+ views, this zen music, chakra balancing, spirit resting trance is one of the most popular to help you sleep. Be easy knowing this experience is loved by many. Most likely, we’ll only get five or ten minutes into it before falling into a deep, rewarding slumber.

2. LONG Playlist of Relaxing Soft Piano Music to Sleep and Study

Coming from a group known as Serenity Studios, we already know we’re in for a relaxing mood.

With over an hour of delicate and calming piano songs, Serenity Studios has unlocked our stress cage to release all of our built-up tensions. This album is also great for studying as the tempo keeps us level-headed and focused. Personally, I prefer this for sleeping. The ascending and descending scales help me relax into pleasant dreams.

3. James Taylor ~ Sweet Baby James

James Taylor is a legend and while his musical range stretches from slow pace to up beat and even mo-town, Sweet Baby James is a sure enough way to put you in sleep mode. The BPM must be no more than 70 and the chorus is magical enough to have you dreaming before the song is half way over.

4. Seals & Crofts ~ Summer Breeze

Seals & Crofts are known for many things, including their lifestyle and beliefs which have many ‘hippy’ like elements. Summer Breeze is a well known hit that is great for relaxing and transitioning into something deeper. Personally, I use Summer Breeze to make whatever I’m doing more relaxed, whether it’s driving around, studying, or trying to remove stressful thoughts.

On a side note, one of the most popular reasons people can’t fall asleep is because of temperate control. I suggest checking out radiant floor heat as an alternative that is quieter and easier to control. Plus, it helps us save money by distributing heat evenly, so we have the peace of mind of savings to help us sleep as well.

5. Bright Eyes ~ First Day Of My Life

Bright Eyes are very well known, especially their hit First Day Of My Life. The tones are charming and lyrics aside, this track has me dreaming within seconds.

6. Iron And Wine ~ Upward Over The Mountain

Iron And Wine has always been a remarkable musician (he has accompanying players but the name refers to just him). He became very popular over the past six years and is surely on everyone’s sleeping playlist.

Upward Over The Mountain will put a smile on your face while washing away everything on your mind. This is my favorite song to help sleep to on the list.

7. Jeff Buckley ~ Hallelujah (Original Studio Version)

This goes without saying but Hallelujah is an inspirational hit. Some may feel the lyrics are too powerful to fall asleep to, but I find the chords soothing and as you’ve noticed, tune out the lyrics for the more dramatic but slow and soft songs.

8. Death Cab For Cutie – Transatlanticism

A little sad on the heart but slow enough to put me to sleep. I recommend just absorbing the flow of this song then taking in the actual lyrics. Death Cab is another renowned group with a distinctive voice and I’m sure many would agree with the calming nature of their music.

9. Spiritualized ~ Cool Waves

For those looking for a more synthy path to slumber, check out Cool Waves, coming from a highly recommended artist named Spiritualized. With a name like that how can we go wrong? For some reason synths give me more energy than peace of mind, but this song is an exception.

10. Norah Jones ~ Come Away With Me

Hmm, now that I’m listening to this I think I’ll put it at an even tie with Iron and Wine.

Norah Jones, another distinctive and gifted musician, immediately sets me sailing to sleep on Come Away With Me. By the thirty second mark I’m drifting.

Bonus Tip

Thanks to Vevo and/or random greedy people, most of these tracks have ads running before them; however, if you just install the AdBlock (free) extension for Chrome or Firefox you’ll be set :)

What are your favorite songs to sleep to? Do you prefer just sounds like white noise or listening to the nature of night by your window?

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