10 * 140,000 = 50% = SSC Success

While I do not expect the post title to make sense to you yet, it will not only make sense soon but it should impress you as well.  Today I chatted with Todd Sierer, Product Manager for LabVIEW, about their Social Support Community (SSC) efforts.

The LabVIEW team is focused on delivering great products, and great support, to their customers.  In fact, they are so passionate about these goals that all new employees begin life as a customer service representative.   All employees.

Lab view has made use of collaborative support solutions for 10 years, beginning with a discussion board, evolving into a robust support community for the last few years.  This community, made of up 140,000 registered members is extremely active, with power users spending hours a month in the community.

The results?  50% of the questions raised by their customers in the support community are answered by other LabVIEW customers.  50% of the potential workload is handled by customers, not LabView employees.  That is the kind of ROI that it is easy to put numbers too, numbers that amount to millions of dollars a year for LabView, numbers that amount to true SSC success.


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