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On Twitter I'm 4 years old

My Tweetdeck todayBack on Valentine's day 2007 I signed up to this weird short messaging thing that posted your status updates on a web page and sent them as SMS messages to your mobile phone - it was called Twitter.  At that stage it had been going for almost a year very quietly somewhere - Jack Dorsey actually sent the first tweet on a service then called twttr on 21 March 2006 with it launching publicly in July 2006  (although contrary to popular belief, Twitter was invented in 1935).

At the start of 2007 it was a best kept secret, and didn't even start as a separate company until April of that year.  I was early enough to grab a 2 character ID, my normal nickname in business, DT.  Those few of us that were cool enough to have heard about it then were the social media early adopters who usually signed up to any and every new web 2.0 service and tried to figure out if it was useful.  Twitter didn't really begin to take off until a few months later when two big plasma screens were set up displaying Twitter as the official backchannel at South by South West 2007 (SxSW).  From that point user take up really began to spread.

A year ago Twitter users were sending ...

The rise of tumblr

Over at Rabbit (the day job), we’ve just switched over to Tumblr.   Rather than use Tumblr to host a scrapbook somewhere outside our main website, we’ve used it to house the site itself making us (we think) one of the first European agencies to have done so.

And so, as this site is all about stats it seems appropriate to put forward some Tumblr themed ones.

Tumblr of course isn’t new.    Time Magazine listed it as one of its top fifty websites as far back as 2007.    However, in particular over the past six months it has gained a lot of traction.

According to Comscore’s 2010 US digital year in review, Tumblr was on 6.7 million US users in December which is still small compared to Twitter (23.6 million US users), LinkedIn (30 million users) or even the shrinking MySpace (50 million users).   However that represents growth of 128%.

Looking at Alexa, Tumblr is actually ahead of MySpace, ranking no.59 in the top 500 website list, with MySpace at no.65 (via SocialMediaNz).   And Compete similarly has Tumblr up from 3.9 million unique visitors in January 2010 to 10 million by the end of the year.

At the ...


Professional Tweeters......really? You better believe it!

 Protweeter Who would have guessed just a few months ago that a job title of "Professional Tweeter" would appear in the workplace?

For the anyone  who hasn't heard of Twitter, a pro-tweeter could be someone with a fetish for audio speakers or a something to do with our little feathered friends!
The reality is somewhat different! Pro-Tweeters are actually social media content specialists, using the social media platform, Twitter as their distribution medium........ oh yes, and they get paid for doing it!

Twitter is a platform with an absolute huge number of tweets on it every single day - anything between 50-100 million+ tweets a day, depending on global events! so making the messages (tweets) stand out is not easy!
Each event or conference will have a #hashtag assigned to it (hopefully only just one!!) to allow people to find and follow them easily. But that is the easy part. While there may well be a whole string of people that use Twitter attending the event or conference, making sense of the content, knowing what to share on Twitter to maximise reach and exposure is a whole different matter!

Well, for any of you that have followed social media conferences online ...


The Do-It-Yourself Facebook Resume Kit in 5 easy steps

The best way to show off your resume on Facebook.

This is a guest post by Claudio Nader. If you’d also like to guest post here on JobMob, follow these guest post guidelines.

Want a resume that looks like this?

Claudio Nader facebook resume/cv

Why this is a great idea

Many job seekers kick off their job search with an email to everyone they know asking for leads. A common problem is that after a few weeks or months, friends and family forget that they’re still looking for a job.

Your Facebook profile resume will constantly remind every visitor about your job search without you needing to send followups. Then when a lead comes to mind, they’ll just need to click ‘Share Profile’.

Now, when sending that first job search announcement, tell people to follow your Facebook profile to see if you’re still available.

Pretty clever, right?

How it works

The new Facebook profile layout displays your last 5 tagged photos across the top, while showing your profile picture on the left.

  • Use your profile picture for a headshot and a brief but hard-hitting summary of your skills & achievements
  • Use the tagged photos as banners for each of your print resume’s sections
  • The caption of each banner image ...

Social Media: A Bubble in the Making

Most people are now speculating that there is a social media bubble. First, no one really cared because tech giants with tons of cash where buying tiny start-ups with no revenue in anticipation of future success. Now that Goldman Sachs is stepping up its game and betting that Facebook is worth $50 Billion by investing $450 Million, it gets little serious.

You might not know this but Goldman Sachs has been behind every bubble since 1920s. It’s made a lot of money from the recent wall street bailout and has been dubbed “too big to fail.” Goldman Sachs will never pay a price for all the bad decisions it makes because the government can always bail it out.

Social Media: Bubble in the Making

Back to the bubble…

So Goldman Sachs decided that since social media is all the range, its about time they jumped in and made some dough. It went around SEC regulations, created a trust fund that designates Goldman Sachs as one investor and then started selling little pieces of that trust to its wealthy clients. Facebook can only have 500 shareholders because it is a private company but because of this trust, it can have 1000s of investors underneath one giant Goldman Sachs umbrella.

There are two things you need to ...


10 most asked questions about Linkedin

Over the past year or so I have worked with lots of people – as individuals and in groups of colleagues – helping them to understand how they might use Linkedin effectively.   The strong message from my clients was that they understood that Linkedin could be useful but they were not sure how – and were not clear about what they needed to do to make it  work for them.

At this stage I still feel a bit like a proud parent. I have watched those clients taking their first tentative steps with some moving on faster than others. Some of the activity has been obviously focused – others ‘experimental’. A few have fallen by the wayside which is to be expected as using social media tools won’t suit everyone. For those who have stuck with it I see many different – and interesting –  applications. eg a friend who is about to travel to New Zealand on a study trip used it to make contacts before she goes.

Linkedin of course offers up suggestions for people we might connect with and on an almost daily basis one of those suggestions will be someone who has no profile and 1 connection. With people like them in mind I wondered if this list of the 10 ...


Use LinkedIn Maps to see what YOUR LinkedIn network ACTUALLY looks like.


LinkedIn Maps icon I am sure people think that LinkedIn is a boring business network that doesn't innovate much. Well, you couldn't be further from the truth! They are continually looking to add rich functionality to their platform, and they have again delivered something really interesting and visual here.

You have a LinkedIn network, right? (If not, connect with me here and get started straight away!)

1. Go to

2. Login with your LinkedIn account

3. Just be patient and you will get one of these:

Andy Headworth LinkedIn Network Map
Go on, go to and see what your network looks like!



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7 Useful Tips for Getting Started on Twitter

Twitter 101

Recently I presented on the topic of Social Media and Your Job Search in front of a large group of executives, many of whom were in transition.  As with any professional crowd, nearly everyone was already comfortable with LinkedIn, but less than half of the attendees had ventured out onto Twitter yet.  I sensed some confusion about Twitter, so today instead of blogging about Twitter and Personal Branding or Twitter and the Job Search, I felt it was time to write a blog post to help hand-hold those that are still confused by Twitter but really want to give it a shot without any risk.  With that in mind, this is your Twitter 101 Getting Started on Twitter Guide based on 7 tips that I hope you’ll find useful.

I am not going to go through all of the screenshots you will see when you sign up with Twitter, but I will point out 7 useful tips that I recommend you follow upon signing up to Twitter to get you started risk-free:

1) Use your personal e-mail address for your Twitter account.  Yesterday I tweeted a story about someone who lost access to their Twitter account after they left their job.  You may never be able to retrieve your password ...


I Joined Twitter, Now What?

tweettweetbird 286x300 I Joined Twitter, Now What?Twitter is a micro-blogging platform and it’s a little different from any other online or social media tool. When people first begin using it, it can seem overwhelming and confusing. How can you really type anything of substance in 140 characters or less?

The first thing I usually advise is that you take some time getting familiar with how it all works. Put up a picture of yourself, find some others to follow, and “tweet” some updates. It may seem a little like you are talking to yourself to do this especially if you are not being followed by anyone else. But it helps to see activity when someone comes upon your page and is making a decision whether to follow you or not.

Once you have observed and participated a little, there are a few things you can do to help you build relationships. Why is that so important? It all goes back to establishing that know, like and trust factor. People like to do business with those they know, like and trust, right? Here are some of the ways to use Twitter to create rapport and get more visibility for your business:

1. Give value.

Share links, offer advice and answer questions. I usually suggest a balance of 85% non-promotional tweets to ...


3 Simple and Free Online Tools to Help Your Biz Run Smoother

Running a business online has a lot of perks, one of them being that you can often do it without a lot of pricey overhead.  However, there are still some expenses involved, so it’s nice when you come across free tools that make running your business just a little bit easier.

Here are three of my favorites, all of which I use on a regular basis and recommend you explore as well.

audacitylogo 3 Simple and Free Online Tools to Help Your Biz Run SmootherAudacity: I often use audio in my business, whether it be to interview others, to hold teleseminars or to upload a quick greeting to a sales page on my website.  Many times the audio I’ve recorded needs to be edited—nothing fancy, but perhaps I want to add on a quick intro or cut out some of the chit chat at the beginning of a teleclass recording.  This tool makes it so easy, and while most of the time I use it for very simple tasks, if you take time to explore it you’ll find it can do a lot of very cool things.

Evernote: Evernote works by connecting all the computers and phones you use, giving you the ability to capture somethingevernotelogo 150x49 3 Simple and Free Online Tools to Help Your Biz Run Smoother in one place and then access it from another.  I use it on my MacBook, my iPhone and my husband’s PC to store notes, to-do lists, and important links. ...