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Thanks for your interest in Human Capital League. This is a place to learn, share, and connect with other management professionals, thought leaders, and real people who practice leadership on the front lines every day.

Unacceptable Community Behavior

We shouldn’t even have to tell you this, but there’s always someone who crosses the line. So, here we go:

If you abuse, harass, defame, libel, stalk, or threaten another person or group, we will exclude you from the community.

If you plagiarize, violate privacy or confidentiality, or infringe on the rights of others, we will exclude you from the community.

If you submit link-laden SPAMMY posts, we will exclude you from the community.

If you are generally difficult, obnoxious, and rude, we will exclude you from the community.

If you see any of these unacceptable behaviors occurring, please notify us here.

Community Standards of Conduct

Practice what you learned in kindergarten. Be kind. Be honest. Be inquisitive. Be gracious. Be helpful. Put the community needs before your own.

Self-serving, self-promoting and obnoxious contributors will politely be shown the door. We’ll give you at most three warnings before you get the boot.


The Administrator of has the final word in any dispute within the community. If you have concerns about content posted by another member of the community, please notify the Administrator here and we’ll handle it from there.


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