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Increasing diversity in the workplace

Increasing diversity in the workplace is an important issue for politicians, average Americans and employers alike. Gender has been talked about a lot recently with last week’s Equal Pay Day, but diversity also incorporates hiring employees of different racial and religious backgrounds, a variety of ages and military status. This week’s news roundup brings you [...]

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5 things HR can do to make work life better for administrative professionals

Administrative Professionals Week is next week, April 20 to 26, and Administrative Professionals Day is April 23.

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Unpaid internships are common, but are they legal?

Katie Loehrke is a human resources subject matter expert and editor with J. J. Keller & Associates, Inc., a nationally recognized compliance resource firm. The company offers a diverse line of products and services to address the broad range of responsibilities held by HR and corporate professionals. Loehrke specializes in employment law topics such as [...]

How to recruit a more diverse talent pool

In addition to profits, innovation and corporate culture, companies are now starting to brag about their employee diversity, and rightly so. Hiring from a limited pool of candidates, whether determined by age, race, alma mater or another limiting factor, will in turn limit the ideas and creativity that comes into an organization. If your organization [...]

3 areas of diversity employers should consider

Is your organization a diverse work environment? Take a quick look among the cubicles and in the lunchroom and you can usually get a pretty good idea.

3 areas of diversity employers should consider

This week in HR

Reinventing HR, downsizing HR and big data analytics for HR have all been hot topics this week. Read on to learn more. HR downsizing seen as potentially dangerous trend Employee Benefits News: “According to Boro, the short-term benefits achieved from HR outsourcing can stifle business operation and management, as well as block real person connections. [...]

7 ways to create a healthier workplace

Creating a healthier workplace takes more than just handing out pedometers and hoping people will use them.

Is your retirement plan in compliance with federal law?

In February, BenefitsPro reported that the U.S. Department of Labor “collected $1.69 billion in fines, voluntary fiduciary corrections and informal complaint resolutions, a 33 percent increase over 2012’s $1.27 billion tab.”

When should you conduct a background check?

Job applicants may not always be completely honest and disclose all requested information on his or her application. That is why background checks are a valuable tool.

Debates about women and the workplace

This week's roundup brings you five articles highlighting the debates currently underway regarding women and the workplace including the Paycheck Fairness Act, Women's Economic Security Act, minimum wage and flexible working.