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Need a Career or Job Change? The Keys to Change Are In Your Hands

“You are so right! I do own the keys to my career! Love it!”

One of my most pleasurable activities is following up with people who have read a blog post that caused them to send a note. This response was from a Chief HR Officer who is striving to be a new style senior level HR person.
The problem is her leadership team is stuck in the old ways of HR and can’t see the forest for the trees.
In our email exchange, I used the expression “you own the keys to your career; no company ever owns that.”
That is a statement that I have always believed in. When I hear of people discussing their situations, while valid, they should always remember who is in charge. That is something that no one can take away from you.

Is Your Culture Holistic, Monochronic or Collectivist?

How homogenous is your company? Chances are, not so very, anymore. In the global economy, more and more companies are doing business across national and cultural boundaries. It isn’t uncommon for a manager to have direct reports in other regions and countries—sometimes in more than …

11 ways to give your staff meetings more life

Question: What's one tip that you have for making staff meetings more engaging for your employees?


3 Steps to Create a Global Company Culture

Recognize This! – A company’s culture defines how the work gets done. It should be the same in every location, every country, everywhere in the world. Building a strong, global culture seems an obvious step in ensuring company success. But it can be easy to become lazy about your culture, assuming it will continue along [...]

Boost morale by celebrating employees who volunteer

Allowing your employees time off to volunteer helps build communities and connections.


Book Review: Courage. The backbone of leadership by Gus Lee

Courage is rightly esteemed the first of human qualities…because it is the quality which guarantees all others.- Winston Churchill I thoroughly enjoyed reading Courage The Backbone of leadership by Gus Lee and Diane Elliott-Lee.  Using case studies from Whirlpool, Kaiser Permanente, and Worldcom among others Lee ably demonstrates why most corporate values (implicit or explicit) […]

How to build the right team for your growing startup

I’ve been spoiled throughout my career of building teams in large tech companies. I’ve had all the luxuries: infinite resources, time, and large pools of qualified candidates.


How To Design Extraordinary Team Performance

Resumes and personality tests are helpful tools in revealing an individual’s skill-set or personality traits; however, such tools cannot predict how individuals will apply those skills and traits in a real-world/real-work environment. So how do we make up for ...

#LASHRM14: The power of employee accountability

Human resources is supposed to be part of the employee engagement solution. But is HR actually part of the problem? The answer to that question is determined by the level of accountability you hold your employees to, said Cy Wakeman in her keynote speech, “Reality-Based Rules of the Workplace – The New HR Foundation for [...]


Give Mother Earth the Best Gift on Her Special Day

Earth day heart process s300x300Every day should be Earth Day.

That said, the official Earth Day celebration takes place once a year, an occasion when over a billion people in 190 countries take action, whether in the form of planting trees, cleaning up their communities, or doing anything else that says “I love you” to the environment.

This time of year, corporate philanthropy leaders often look for ways to shine a spotlight on their companies’ efforts at greening the universe.  Dayton Hudson Corporation, now better known as Target, got the ball rolling on this front by giving out free trees to its customers on the very first Earth Day in 1970.  Ever since, businesses have tried to get creative at honoring Mother Earth’s special day.

Earth Day 2014 is themed around the vision of “Green Cities,” with an emphasis on creating sustainable communities in increasingly crowded urban environments.  As defined by the Earth Day Network, a green city is one that derives its energy from renewable sources like solar and wind, and distributes that energy through efficient and reliable microgrids; has the cleanest and most efficient energy, transportation, and building infrastructure possible; is made up ...